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FLIR Thermal imaging equipment

FLIR is the largest manufacturer of thermal imaging equipment in the world and one of the global leaders with areas such hunting, birding, construction, military, law enforcement and maritime heat detection products. The quality of the products is the highest possible and they are successfully used by people all over the world.

29 artiklar Sortering: Popularitet Senaste Lägsta pris Artiklar:
FLIR Scout II 640 9Hz Thermal Imager
FLIR 431-0019-21-00S
37 270 kr Köp

FLIR Scout II 240 9Hz Thermal Imager
FLIR 431-0008-21-00S
20 365 kr Köp

FLIR TS-32 R 320x240 65 mm 9 Hz Värmekamera
FLIR 431-0004-08-00S
76 435 kr Köp
FLIR Scout II 320 9Hz Thermal Imager
FLIR 431-0009-21-00S
29 920 kr Köp
FLIR QD 35 mm Lins
FLIR 322-0181-12
20 785 kr Köp

FLIR TS-32 Pro 320x240 19 mm 9 Hz Värmekamera
FLIR 431-0003-18-00S
60 895 kr Köp
FLIR QD 100 mm Lins
FLIR 322-0196-12
51 970 kr Köp

FLIR QD 65 mm Lins
FLIR 322-0195-12
32 440 kr Köp
FLIR TS-32 320x240 19 mm 9 Hz Värmekamera
FLIR 431-0003-08-00S
50 710 kr Köp

FLIR Taktisk Väska
FLIR 4115397
1 360 kr Köp

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