Shadow Tech HOG Saddle MOD 7
Shadow Tech HOG Saddle MOD 7Shadow Tech HOG Saddle MOD 7Shadow Tech HOG Saddle MOD 7Shadow Tech HOG Saddle MOD 7Shadow Tech HOG Saddle MOD 7Shadow Tech HOG Saddle MOD 7


Shadow Tech Hog Saddle MOD 7


Designed by a Marine Scout Sniper and OIF Veteran, a rifle rest tailored to the special operations and law enforcement community. The Hog Saddle Shooting Platform is constructed around four basic principles:

  • PORTABILITY - less than 453 g
  • VERSATILITY - universal to any tripod platform utilizing 1/4-20 or 3/8-16 thread attachments
  • RUGGEDNESS - specifically designed for the military sniper to be impact and corrosion resistant



A Great Hunting Companion


Effortlessly maintain your rifle’s sights across a field or hillside waiting for that trophy buck. Maximize your ability to make an accurate shot for a responsible one-shot kill. The Hog Saddle is a rigid, steady support with unequaled versatility and portability. A rock solid platform that is flexible enough to attain those tough shots at a moment’s notice.


Product Guarantee

Should our product fail due to a defect in materials or workmanship, it will repaired or replaced free of charge for the lifetime of the product. Hog Saddle is manufactured and assembled in San Clemente, CA under strict quality control guidelines. Great care has been taken from concept through design and manufacturing to produce an instrument you can count on. Made in the U.S.A.


This is the latest model HOG Saddle with some improvements from the original design.

List of improvements: 

  • Opens ca. 6 mm wider than original model.
  • (ca. 68 mm Open, 38 mm Closed)
  • Incorporates a retention button screw to prevent unintentional disassembly in the field.
  • Weighs less than 453 g.
  • Added cut-outs to the base of the HOG Saddle. These narrow slots better integrate with tripod heads or QR plates that have anti-rotation video pins.


MOD 7 Specs:


  • CNC machined from a solid block of aluminum
  • Black oxide stainless steel bolt and guide rods
  • Hard anodized finish (a resilient surface which serves as an excellent base coat for custom camouflage paint)
  • 1/4-20 stainless steel mounting threads and 3/8-16 back up threads
  • CNC machined torque knob assembly with retention button screw to prevent disassembly in the field (opens 6.4 mm wider than previous model)
  • Stainless steel noise dampening tension spring
  • 6.4 mm thick, recessed urethane pads specifically engineered to absorb rifle recoil and reduce muzzle jump
  • Anti-rotation slots to accept tripod QD plates that have video pins
  • Superior resistance to corrosion
  • Weight: less than 453 g





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