Spuhr SPUHR ACI & A-0004 QD Interface


SPUHR ACI & A-0004 QD Interface


High quality product from Sniper Tools USA.


  • The "Angle Cosine Indicator," is a simple tool for snipers/hunters in mountainous terrain, and utilized to obtain their corrected for gravity distance to target.
  • The Co-Sine numbers are Laser Engraved onto the body in five (5) degree increments. The lens is shatter proof, shock proof and resistant to chemicals such as acetone and cleaning solvents.
  • Completely mechanical, there are no batteries to fail and no electronics to fail.
  • This version of the ACI is Guaranteed water-tight and is manufactured as per the US Military Directives.


The ACI comes equiped with a SPUHR QD mount that fits right on to the regular SPUHR ISMS mounts.

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