THLR Snipertool card


THLR Snipertool card



The card earns its value for any job you extract information from a map scaled 1:50000.

It is not meant to replace a map protractor, but it gives you the most important features in a smaller, sturdier package.

  • Plot targets. Just point on the map, read off the scale and have your second hand free for a radio relay.
  • Read terrain incline in degrees. You’ll right away see if the planned route is inside your vehicles maximum or you can pre-plan what angles your FFP will present.
  • Read the distance in meters. Provided you know how to plot targets, reading off the shooting range with a 20 meter resolution is fairly easy. A very nice backup for when dust, mist and rain negates your laser.
  • Read terrain incline by aiming over the card. At THLR we are very much fan of multipurpose tools, so we put this secondary feature into the string you use for carry.

No offense, but the abstract points of long-range ballistics are not always easily grasped by soldiers or purveyed by instructors. With a focus on good .30 caliber bullets we’ve put in a few ballistic tidbits for constant repetition that can tip the shot in your favor.

  • Wind rose. Multiply the wind speed with the values to find the crosswind component (the effective wind that affects the bullet)
  • Interpretations of mirage vectors are difficult for many shooters, so we’ve quantified this with a 1 m/sec resolution. These vectors are not a scientifically accurate gauge, but they promote a quick decision and are accurate enough to get your bullet on target. Remember, if you see mirage vectors, you are looking directly at the effective wind – no further computations required.
  • Cross valley shooting. This is the THLR way of doing it. Instead of leaving 100% of the cross valley shot a guesstimate, we follow the rules for visual assessment of the wind drift and then add the modification as opposed to making everything a guesstimate. The drill gets you in the ballpark and the modification gets you on or close to target. Doing it this way preserves your wind-drill across the various terrain features and makes for very good shots. It is not going to be a scientifically correct weighing of all the variables, but we preserve an excellent timeframe and usually knock the target.
  • Corrections to the elevation turret due strong crosswind components. This is readily described in ballistic terms by both McCoy and Litz, but the computations are not very accessible or practical for soldiers. If you have time, modify your elevation with the click values on this card. Whilst not scientifically accurate, it still makes a good shot better or a marginal miss a hit.

The THLR Snipertool is engraved (not printed) on weatherproof, permanently colored UV-proof laminated acrylic plastic. This quality is significantly stronger than what you find in ordinary credit cards. The card measures 90 x 56 x 1.6 mm. The THLR Snipertool is available in yellow/black legend.


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