THLR THLR Wind Wizard card (yellow - metric)


THLR Wind Wizard card (yellow - metric)


Give your windcalls a flying start. By simple visual observation you’ll rapidly learn to put an accurate number on the wind velocity and depending on the wind direction, factor it into a cross wind component as it affect the bullet in flight. It also helps you interpret mirage as observed through the scope into an effective wind velocity, and it’ll support shots across valleys where you’ll be shooting through higher winds that usually doesn’t give any visual indicators of the velocity. Finally, it’ll measure your shooting angle up to 50˚ if you need to take a shot at a steep angle up or down. 

This THLR infocard is credit card sized and evolved from practical experience as demonstrated eloquently by Thomas Haugland. We find his workstream and practical accuracy excellent. Thomas himself says that observing what the wind does to the vegetation is extremely effective up to 5-6 m/sec winds (capable of 0,5 msec resolution with experience), but above that he recommends using a Kestrel to get a better starting point.

The THLR infocard is engraved (not printed) on weatherproof, permanently coloured UV-proof laminated acrylic plastic. This quality is significantly stronger than what you find in ordinary credit cards. The card measures 85 x 55 x 1,6 mm. 

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