THLR THLR Longrange badge 5pcs set


These are the official stickers for the Longrange Proficiency test designed by THLR. The Longrange Proficiency test is a recognition of shooter skill, it is not a contest. The Longrange Proficiency stickers is a physical recognition that you have successfully completed the test where you shoot 1 target with 1 shot inside 1 minute at range minimum 500 meters (547 yds). Scoring is done according to how well you hit the target.


The test is easy to do and you can shoot at any target as long as it has the approved dimensions. Wearing the THLR Longrange Proficiency patch indicated you have completed the test according to the minimum rules. It is a visible recognition of true shooting skill, something we think shooters should take pride in (without bragging too much, mind you...)

The rules are not extremely detailed, you understand the spirit of it and act accordingly. This is about contributing and taking pride in personal skill. The Longrange Proficiency patch is a physical recognition that you have completed the shooting test respecting this minimum standard: 1 shot, 1 minute, target at least 500 meters.

The test can be shot and censored by yourself or via your local shooting club. Respect the standards and take pride in your own shooting!



You can use only one shot.

This rule is absolute. You only get one attempt at the test target. It is not requires that this is the first shot of the day, that is unrealistic on a range. You can shoot at other targets at ranges no closer than 25 meters (27 yds) short of the test target. The test target must be at least 25 meters farther than the longest practice target. Example: You have shot a practice target at 475 meters, the Longrange Proficiency target can be no closer than 500 meters. You have shot a practice target at 575 meters, the Longrange Proficiency Target can be no closer than 600 meters.

Shooting range is 500 meters (547 yards) or more, the shooting range/distance is known to the shooter.

This rule is absolute and the range is considered minimum required range. You can shoot the test at longer range if desired, but the only recognition you will get is personal satisfaction from your own success. Range infrastructure or lack thereof makes it sensible to have a minimum range only. If you do not have a laser range-finder, one of the following methods is deemed good enough to secure the minimum requirement of 500 meters:

600 normal steps out to target, 1000 steps for small children.

600 meters measured with car trip counter.

600 meters measured on a map.

525 meters measured with a tape measure

525 meters measured with a GPS.


Approved target is any target marked with four circles centered around a focal point.

Small circle shall be ø 7.5 cm (2.9 inches)

Medium circle shall be ø 15 cm (5.9 inches)

Large circle shall be ø 30 cm (11.8 inches)

Outer circle or target size shall be ø 35 cm (13.8 inches)

(These dimensions incidentally coincides with the THLR steel target.)

The target is censored via electronic feedback, optics or inspection. The bullet needs to strike inside the ring to score the higher value. The normal target practice of breaking the ring is not good enough. If the bullet nicks the ring in towards a higher score, it shall be censored the lower score. If the bullet nicks the ring out towards the lowe score it shall be censored the higher score.

Time limit is 1 minute or 60 second.

This rule is absolute. From ”start!” you have 60 seconds to get your shot off. Before ”start!” your gear should be in the following state:

The rifle scope/ sights are set to your default zero. This normally means 100 or 200 with 0 windage.

The rifle buttstock rests on the ground at ”Start!”. You can start with your bipod open in your default position, you cannot have the bipod especially adjusted for the test target. You can use a rear rest during the test, you cannot have the rear rest under the rifle at ”start!”.

You get the idea. You are shooting this test for yourself, there’s no point in trying to bend these rules.These are only the minimum requirements to ensure the shooter displays a minimum of skill and routine during the Longrange Proficiency test – setting his sights, making a wind-call, getting into position firing the shot inside the 1 minute time limit.

You can make it harder if it suits you best, for instance by starting standing behind the rifle, starting with the rifle slung or similar. Not all ranges will allow so much movement with the shooter, so it made sense to set ”rifle butt on ground” as the minimum requirement.

Second chances?

You can shoot the test several times same day if:

The new test is shot against a new LR Proficiency target placed minimum  25 meters farther out than any target you have shot that day. (Example: The LR Proficiency target was at 500m, you can shoot a new test at 525 meters. You shot a test target at 550 meters before shooting the LR Proficiency test, your next LR proficiency test must then be at least 575 meters).


Wait 3 hrs/ 180 minutes and shoot the test at the same LR Proficiency target


Shoot the same LR proficiency target with a different rifle

The rules allow it, but we really encourage no more than 2-3 tries the same day. It kills the learning.


This test was designed to be available to anyone wanting to try their hand at longrange shooting. As you will find, it is mildly addictive, easy to do and a true mastery of your rifle.

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