THLR Ammo Pouch MkII (Molle)
THLR Ammo Pouch MkII (Molle)


It is lined to provide a more stable temperature environment. At THLR we dislike carrying the ammunition in pockets that are heated by your body or in pouches that are susceptible to direct sunlight. THLR is located in a cold environment, and we do not like the idea of ammunition temperature being "somewhere" between a toasty pocket and a cold rifle magazine. We try to keep the ammunition temperature as close to the ambient air temperature as possible in order to have the best possible guess on our V0.

We are unable to completely negate the effects of temperature changes with this pouch, but we are able to cancel the negative effects of body heat and sufficiently delay direct radiation heat. We did not want to make this pouch waterproof, as we believe trapping moisture in the pouch and prolonging dry-out time does more damage than simply using a waterproof liner should you need “waterproof”.

If you're not worried about long shots, temperature and V0, then this is just a nice ammunition pouch.

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