TAB TAB Short action bullet binder Highlander
TAB TAB Short action bullet binder Highlander


Have you been looking for a way to carry your rounds so the bullets do not touch each other? If you go to the trouble of using a bullet pointing die to uniform each bullet tip you don't want them banging against each other after going to that much trouble.

The TAB GEAR Bullet Binder has 40 separate elastic shell loops to keep the rounds from touching each other. The outside of the Bullet Binder is made of two layers of Cordura with a thick piece of plastic vinyl sandwiched between them to provide protection to the contents.

A separate Velcro label is available as well in colors black, OD, and coyote tan.

These are sized for typical short action calibers based on the .308 case size. Other caliber sizes will be produced in the future.


  • 1/8” bungee closure system that is user replaceable and silent opening and closing.
  • 1” Loop Velcro strip on the spine to attach caliber identification labels.
  • Thick vinyl sheeting to provide rigidity and strength.
  • 1000 D Cordura
  • Shell loops are staggered to prevent rounds from touching and for as compact a package as possible.
  • Clear window to allow instant viewing of dope cards and other information when opened.
  • Forty round capacity.

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