Magtech Magtech 38 Special 10,24g/158gr SJSP-FLAT, 50st/ask


Magtech .38 special 158gr SJSP-FLAT patron



38 SPL 158 Grain Semi Jacketed Soft Point Flat
Use: Sport Shooting Ammunition
Caliber: 38 Special
Casing: Factory Brass
Symbol: 38C

Bullet Style: SJSP Flat
Weight (Grains): 158
Weight (Grams): 10.24
Diameter (inches): 0.357
Sectional Density: 0.177
Ballistic Coefficient: 0.149

Type: Small Pistol Primer 1½
Style: Boxer
  FPS M/S  
Velocity (Muzzle) 744 230  
Velocity (50 Yards/Meters) 723 218  
Velocity (100 Yards/Meters) 692 209  
  Ft.Lbs J  
Energy (Muzzle) 200 271  
Energy (50 Yards/Meters) 183 243  
Energy (100 Yards/Meters) 168 224  
  Inch Cm  
Mid-Range Trajectory (50 Yards/Meters) 2 6.2  
Mid-Range Trajectory (100 Yards/Meters) 8.2 24  
Test Barrel Length 4-V 10.2-V  
Power Factor (Estimated) 117.55    
+P Ammunition NO    
Dimensions (Length Inches)
  Box/Bag Inner Pack Shipping Case
Quality (Pieces) 50 N/A 1000
UPC 7 54908 10701 8 N/A 7 54908 16140 9
5.2 N/A 11.5
Dimensions (Width Inches) 1.8 N/A 6
Dimensions (Height Inches) 2.7 N/A 9.5
Weight (Pounds) 1.8 N/A 36.3
Cube 0.01 N/A 0.38
Cases Per Pallet     96


Suggested Use: Target & Match, Range, Plinking, Hunting
Bullet Features: Positive Functioning, Energy Transfer, Penetration, Accurate
Quality: All Magtech products are manufacturered to SAAMI and CIP specifications.
Warning: Read all warnings on the box prior to use.
Warning +P Ammunition: +P ammunition is loaded to a higher pressure. Use only in approved firearms.

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