Geco Geco 22lr semi-auto 2,6g/40gr, 50st/ask



Anyone looking for convincing and at the same time favorably priced rimfire cartridges and airgun pellets will find just what they want with GECO: target shooters can always depend on the cartridge's perfect functioning, consistent performance and good precision. GECO Semi-Auto is a reliable rimfire ammunition to guarantee required standards of accuracy at an extremely favorable price.


ITEM NO. : 2318599


  0m 50m 100m
V [m/s] 350 306 279


  0m 50m 100m
E [J] 159 122 101
  50m 100m 150m 200m 250m 300m
MRD 50m -21,1        
Calibre .22 L.r.
Lead bullet 2.60 g
V 0 350 m/s
Barrel length 420.00 mm
Packing unit 50 Pcs.

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