TAB TAB Sling thing, OD green


How many times have you needed to zero your scope turrets, and either didn't have or couldn't find, the wrenches handy to do the job? If you shoot a scoped rifle chances are you've been in this situation before, probably several times.
If you have an illuminated reticle have you ever tried to turn it on only to find that the battery is dead? Maybe it's been in a while and you figure it's about time to change it out, but you can't remember where you stashed the spare battery.
We've come out with a handy little item to take care of both of those troublesome situations so you won't have to worry about either of them any more.
There is room for four Allen / Torx wrenches in the two slot pockets and a pocket to hold your illuminated reticle battery.
The elastic on the back of the Sling Thing allows you to thread it onto your sling anywhere and the Sling Thing is always there yet out of the way, until you need your tools or battery.
The Sling Thing closes securely with velcro.
We are offering the Sling Thing in our three main colors, Coyote Brown, OD Green, and Black.
  • Room for four Allen / Torx wrenches in the two slot pockets
  • Pocket to hold your illuminated reticle battery
  • Elastic backing to thread onto your sling anywhere
  • Velcro adjustment to keep closed securely
  • always there yet out of the way until needed

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