TAB TAB Biathlon sling, swivles
TAB TAB Biathlon sling, swivles


A solution to carrying a heavy rifle for long distances. The padded shoulder straps make carrying a heavy weapon comfortable. The included shooting loop can be deployed to allow the shooter to rapidly sling up for much steadier positional shooting.

Heavy duty 1 ½” webbing, the same webbing we use in all of our rifle slings
1 ½” Fastex buckles
Shoulder straps are constructed of 1000 Denier Cordura, closed cell foam, and are separated to prevent neck pinching
User adaptability, shooter can change out swivels to fit different weapon systems
Weapon is supported by both shoulders, instead of one, which means less shooter fatigue after long periods of travel
Weapon is centered on the back for better balance when using two hands for other tasks such as carrying a primary weapon, or navigating steep terrain
Adjustable loop for shooting support

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