This shooting mat designed with a near-minimalist approach. We cannot possibly do everything for everyone with such a product, so we prioritized our own needs: Ease of transportation, integration with backpack and protection of the shooter’s clothes. We are well aware of how much it rains in Norway and how expensive quality membrane clothes can be. The primary function of this shooting mat is keeping your clothes clean and being an abrasion barrier between the rough ground and your clothes.

The material is water resistant, but not classed as waterproof. It works very well under field expedient firing positions. To keep weight down, we’ve only padded a belt where the elbows will normally rest. A shooter 190 cm tall will find ample space with all his body ex the boots from ancle down protected. This shooting mat is not designed to carry gear, but we have 4 slim pockets accessible via the same zipper that can hold your log, weather instruments, tools and similar smaller items. We also put in a single strap where you can guy expensive equipment such as a Kestrel weather station, lest you forget it leaving your position.

Simplicity in packing and transportation was of highest importance to us, and we’ll go as far as to call this mat idiot-proof in that regard. (As Thomas Haugland uses it, we feel we can say that safely). To pack it, follow the red arrow and fold the mat. A new red arrow will appear, roll it up and clip it together. Perfect result and compact format every time. Carry it by the handle or strap it to your backpack. We really dislike putting wet gear into our backpacks, so it is made for exterior carry. Two loops make it easy to secure the mat in position on the backpack.  

If the wind should herald the arrival of Ragnarok, there is a loop in each corner so you can guy or staple the mat securely to the ground. Should you so desire, you can improvise a really poor bivouac or a dubious hammock with the same loops.


Width:  94 cm

Length: 175 cm

Weight: 1000 gram

Folded size: 50x20x5 cm

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