CED CED Shooting mat, Khaki


The CED Shooting Mat is made of rugged durable 600D Polyester fabric, with heavy water resistant PVC backing, dense EVA foam padding and a moisture resistant bottom material. A large skid-resistant elbow pad (57cm x 69cm) that is both cross-stitched and glued to the fabric, provides excellent stability and comfort in use. A rolled fabric flap can be extended to give an additional 1 ft.(31cm) of barrel protection when using rifles. The additional extension helps prevent damage from moist ground or underbrush.
The CED Shooting Mat features both a carry handle and shoulder strap and includes two tie-down straps with quick-release buckles. Availablle in solid Khaki or Camouflage colors. Measures 70cm W x 175cm L plus 31cm rolled extension, giving a total usage length of 206cm.

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