TAB TAB Short Action Magazine Pouch, highlander
TAB TAB Short Action Magazine Pouch, highlanderTAB TAB Short Action Magazine Pouch, highlander



Many shooters have several weapon systems that require different sized magazines. Some of them require 20 round mags, some of them use 10 round mags, and some 5 round mags. One of the problems caused by this is that there must be different magazine pouches for different magazines.

With the TAB GEAR Short Action Mag Pouch, SAMP, you can go from shooting your 20 round magazines to your bolt gun that uses 5 round mags and never have to change mag pouches. You would simply activate the built in short shelf which takes less than a minute to set up, and you're back in the game. No more having to put foam in the bottom of the mag pouch for your short magazines.
If you are running 10 round and 5 round AICS magazines leave one shelf in the long configuration and set up the short shelf on the other mag pouch and you can barely tell the difference in how the bottoms of the mags stick up from the pouch top.

The TAB GEAR SAMP can fit all PALS and MOLLE systems, as well a regular pants belt.
If you want to train but don't need a whole vest, battle belt, etc. simply slide a mag pouch or two onto your belt and hit the range.

The TAB GEAR SAMP is extremely versatile, and can be rapidly configured to fit every short action sized magazine on the market that we've tested it in.

  • P-Mag 7.62 20 round mag
  • Larue 7.62 20 round mag
  • M14/M1A 20 round mag
  • Alpha Mag 10 round mag
  • AI AW 7.62 10 round double stack mag
  • AICS 7.62 10 round mag
  • AICS 7.62 5 round mag
  • Sako 10 round mag


  • The mouth of the mag pouch has been reinforced with a very stiff material inside that helps the pouch maintain it's shape even when the mag is removed. It's very easy for the magazine to be reinserted with one hand.
  • The pouch can be installed on anything that has PALS, or MOLLE webbing.
  • Each SAMP comes with two Malice Clips for installation.
  • The SAMP can also be threaded onto a regular belt too.
  • The SAMP also has PALS loops on the front so pouches can be stacked.
  • Secure built in ” Short Shelf” that won't fail when using shorter magazines. No more having to insert foam into the bottom of your magazine pouch to keep the magazine from collapsing to the bottom of the pouch.
  • 1/8” shock cord secures the magazines and is easily adjusted from long mags to short mags.

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