Double Alpha DA Racer magazine pouch, red


The DAA Racer pouches borrow heavily from the Race Master Pouch. In fact, we took the very same body design, modified it to suite plastic mounding requirements, while maintaining the exact same unique ”pressure from the back” adjustable holding system that has proven so successful. Interchangeable inserts allow you to go from larger 2011 mags to smaller CZ/Tan mags. A single stack spacer is available as an accessory as well.

The pouch is completely ambidextrous, allowing easy mounting for left hand or right had users. And you can even mount the pouch at 90deg away from the body, just as you can in the RM version.

The belt-hanger of the pouch utilizes the same minimalist steel plate design, which eliminates separation between your inner and outer belt. The belt hanger has been simplified though - there is no ball joint as in the aluminum RM pouch, as that could simply not be realized in plastic in this size. However, the pouch can be adjusted for tilt in very small steps, allowing each shooter to find the right angle for their preference. Once the correct angle is set, and the centre screw tightened, the serrations in the connector piece lock up, preventing any possibility of the pouch rotating until the centre screw is loosened several turns.

While these pouches may not offer the unique look and feel of the all aluminum Race Master pouches, or the ball joint tilt base, they are robust and durable, and the performance you can expect is very bit as good as that of it big brother.

And with a price tag of a little over half the Race Master pouches, the Racer Pouch will be the prefect choice for many.

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