Double Alpha DA Deluxe Magnetic Pouch


The DAA Deluxe Magnetic Pouch utilizes two powerful 32mm magnets to hold the magazine securely in place while providing a smoother release than that achieved from the larger standard Magnetic Pouch. The support side walls allow us to use smaller magnets which in turn make the pouches more useable as an all-round pouch for every day use, and not just as a designated pick-up Pouch.

For those shooters who like the simplicity and minimalist look of an open magnetic pouch - this is the perfect choice! The slim body make it possible to position pouches closer together while still leaving enough room to reach down and grab the magazine correctly. The lack of external or front pouch walls allow the pouches to be spaced that much closer together. Perfect for Standard or Production where one must wear the pouches behind the hip bone.

The pouch is attached to our new model belt hanger, which locks securely on any 1.5" belt, clamping down to hold tightly even on thinner belts. The pouch can be swivelled around the centre screw (lower magnet's middle) to angle the pouch as designed. The off-centre mounting point on the hanger offers the option of two heights to choose from. The pouch body is machined from solid Delrin and so is tough and durable. Available in Black only.

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