Double Alpha DA competition
Double Alpha DA competition


Introducing the DAA Premium belt. This belt offers the extreme rigidity of the Competition belt, in the higher quality finish and look of the PRO model.

In recent years we have offered two belts: The original DAA Competition belt, and more recently, the DAA PRO belt. The first's best feature is its extreme rigidity, stemming from a slightly thicker and harder core. The latter - boasts improved looks and finish, and includes a handy name-card holder incorporated into the outer belt. Both belts have been received well, and each has their followers. Some choosing the Competition belt if they view rigidity as the most critical feature while others choose the improved appearance and quality feel of the PRO belt. We thought - why force our customers to compromise? Why can't we offer the best of both belts - in one?

Sizes are available for 28”-50”.

How to select the correct belt size: (do not select based on your pant size!)
1. Measure you actual waist circumference at the height where you plan to wear your belt.
2. Convert your measurements into Inches (1inch = 2.54cm)
3. Order the belt size which matches your measurement. Round upwards: if you measured 39”, order a belt size 40”.

For example:
If you measure around your waist 86cm/33.85", you should choose a belt which is about 104-110cm/41"-43.3" Overall length, which would mean a DAA belt size 34". If you measure around your waist 98cm, you should choose a belt which is about 115-123cm/45.25"-48.5" Overall length, which would mean a DAA belt size 36 or 38" (38" would be the safer bet, a little long is always better than a little short).

Size chart:

belt size to order (inch) overall length (cm) overall length (inch)
32" 100cm 39.4"
34" 105cm 41.3"
36" 116cm 45.7"
38" 121cm 47.6"
40" 126cm 49.6"
42" 131cm 51.6"
44" 136cm 53.5"
46" 141cm 55.5"
48" 146cm 57.5"
50" 151cm 59.5"
60" 176.5cm 69.5"

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