Dewey Dewey Rod Guide
Dewey Dewey Rod Guide


AR Frame .308/7.62mm & 6.5 Creedmoor Breech Rod Guide. Model# AR-10

  • AR-10 .308/7.62mm Breech Rod Guide
  • Made from Delrin and Anodized Aluminum
  • For use with any .22 or .30 cal. J. Dewey Cleaning Rods
  • Will Also Fit 6.5 Creedmoore

AR-15 .300 AAC Blackout Breech Rod Guide. Model# AR-300

  • AR-15/M-16 .300 AAC Blackout Breech Rod Guide
  • Made from Delrin, Brass and Anodized Aluminum
  • For Use with Any J. Dewey Cleaning Rods

The combination of limited chamber space and the large tube inside diameter needed for brush clearance eliminates the possibility of any type of chamber sealing o-ring. We have incorporated a front brass bushing, which centers the guide in the barrel extension and butts up against the chamber opening. The large o-ring on the back end locks into the bolt opening at the rear of the receiver to reduce longitudinal movement of the guide during the cleaning process.Instructions: Keep a very light coating of non-solvent gun oil on the o-ring. Push the guide, brass end first, into and through the center of the barrel extension. At the same time, a slight twist the black delrin will ease the o-ring into the bolt opening. Twist until the guide bottoms out. To remove the guide, reverse the twist while slowly removing the guide.

AR-15/M-16 .223/5.56mm Breech Rod Guide. Model# M-16B

  • AR-15/M-16 .223/5.56mm Breech Rod Guide
  • Made from Delrin and Anodized Aluminum
  • For Use with Any .22 Caliber J. Dewey Cleaning Rods
  • Will also work on .204 caliber AR Rifles

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