VFG VFG Pellets intensive
VFG VFG Pellets intensive


In addition to the woollen felt cleaners, Vereinigte Filzfabriken AG developed a special barrel cleaning felt with additional embedded brass fibres - the Rifle cleaners intensive (VFG-Patent: P4109692.4.09). This is available, like the wollen felt cleaners, in all the common calibres.

The Rifle cleaners intensive combines the advantages of the woollen felt cleaner with those of the bronze brush or steel wool and is, therefore, highly abrasive, elastic and absorbent. This Rifle cleaner guarantees a still more efficient cleaning of the bore (also of the cartridge chambers in revolve cylinders). This means that, from now on, you can give up using cleaning brushes, steel wool or similar strongly abrasive cleaning tools.

With Rifle cleaners intensive, you have the certainty that, thanks to their optimised calibre size, material density and elasticity, they penetrate deeply into the rifling grooves, take up the dirt particles in their porous surface and that, unlike brushes, they do not merely scratch at the surface of the contamination.

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