Dewey Complete Cleaning kit for AR-15
Dewey Complete Cleaning kit for AR-15


This complete AR-15 cleaning kit features a unique one-piece 36 inch nylon coated rod that allows our customers the ease and satisfaction of never having to worry about marring the gun's finish or barrel. The kit features a ball-bearing handle rod design that is both comfortable and ergonomic. For use with AR-15 pattern rifles with a barrel lengths up to 26 inches.

The kit includes the following:

  • 22c-36 - A 36 Inch Nylon Coated Rod
  • 22J Brass Pointed Jag
  • SMBA Brush Adaper
  • M16B Breech Rod Guide
  • B22 Bore Brush
  • P-171 Cotton Flannel Patches
  • ARL Link Cleaning Pin
  • L-16 Chamber Cleaning Kit
  • NEW & IMPROVED packaging

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