Vertebrae Tikka T3 Bolt shroud alu
Vertebrae Tikka T3 Bolt shroud alu


Vertebrae Tikka Bolt Shroud (alu) 

So you’re no fan of the plastic bolt shroud that came with your Tikka rifle? We neither. So we designed a better one. Our version is made in 6086-T6 aircraft-grade aluminum, which gives it the strength of steel combined with light weight.

Installation is very simple; just follow the instructions in the video. If the bolt shroud can move after installing if on the bolt, you might want to consider adding a spring to elimate noise. A spring from an ordinary pen, cut in two, works very well.

Fits Tikka T3, Tikka 595 and Tikka 696 series of rifles.
Weight: 6 gram
Material: 6086-T6 aluminum

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