JP AR-10 tension pin


Finally, the right fix for the ”loose” upper/lower receiver problem. You can throw out that piece of rubber you've been stuffing under your rear take-down pin all these years. All it's good for is eliminating the ”rattle” in your gun. In reality, it does just the opposite of what it should. It pushes the receiver halves apart on a flexible interface. They still move when the gun discharges. The JP Precision Tensioning Pin actually pulls the whole upper assembly down and back on the lower with reproducible torque (for those really picky folks) and gives a rock hard fit to even the sloppiest receivers. Ask any bolt gun shooter, and they will tell you that a rifle loose in the stock will most likely not reach its accuracy potential. An AR with a loose upper/lower is no different. It requires no modification to the receiver. It simply replaces your rear push pin and drops right in.
A must for the ”accurate” rifle!

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