Brownells AR-15 Carrier weight system


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Tubb Precision AR-15 Carrier Weight System (CWS™)
The Tubb Precision CWS™ is a simple drop-in part that greatly enhances the functionality of AR-15-type firearms in extreme shooting conditions. The CWS™ fits all AR-15 bolt carriers, and also those for the AR-10 and SR-25.
The addition of weight to the carrier slows its rearward start upon action cycling. Technically, it increases the "moment of inertia," but that simply means that the rifle will stay "locked" a little longer. This additional time reduces the influence of pressures on the cartridge case and also softens rearward carrier movement. The result is better brass life, fewer "pressure problems," and greater flexibility in velocities attainable using all bullets -- especially the heavier bullets used in High Power Rifle competition.
There is also noticeably less rifle movement during firing and longer parts life from a softer recoil pulse. The rifle stays on target better, effectively giving the shooter more time to focus on shooting a higher score.
The CWS™ improves rifle function, so there are no worries about extraction or feeding failures. As a matter of fact, a well-known tester found that a 40-grain bullet load that wouldn't cycle in his AR-15 worked flawlessly after he installed a CWS™. A CWS™ in no way affects the amount of gas available to operate the rifle.
The CWS™ also incorporates a flange that serves to secure it in the bolt carrier, but this also significantly reduces carrier overrun past the bolt stop. Reducing the distance the carrier must return to engage the bolt stop extends the life of this part and further reduces the amount of rifle movement apparent to the shooter. This is of special help to the AR-10/SR-25 owner since these rifles are notorious for breaking bolt stops.
This little part provides a majority of what extensive (and expensive) gas system modifications accomplish (such as relocating the gas port) but it's easily and "legally" installed in a Service Rifle. It even further enhances the performance of a longer-barreled Match Rifle, whether or not gas system modifications have been made.

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