Surgeon Surgeon 591 repeater (WSM)


The 591 repeaters receiver is machined from a solid billet of Aircraft grade 4340. This is NOT a casting. The bolt is machined from a solid billet of Aircraft grade 4140. The bolt stop is designed with a large surface area exposed in the left raceway. That and the fact that the stop is softer than the bolt lug, means that the left bolt lug will NOT get beat up during rough cycling.

Receiver raceways, lug seat cams, and part of the bolt stop are precision EDM burned. All material is heat treat hardened PRIOR to final surface machining operations to prevent any stress or warpage in the finished product.

The bolt comes standard with the Surgeon style handle. The primary extraction cam and half the length of the bolt handle are machined integral from one piece of material with the bolt body, lugs and breech face. No chance of misalignment or broken bolt handles. A tasteful helical flute is standard on the bolt body.

The 20 M.O.A. 1913 full-length picatinny rail is integral and is perfectly aligned with the action centerline and tenon threads. This rail increases the strength and the stiffness of the action. No screws to worry about.

Recoil lug is integral and offers increased length of tenon thread for stiffer barrel setups. (Stiffer barrel = Better accuracy)

The action will take any Rem pattern trigger and any Rem compatible stocks or magazine feed systems including Badger, etc. with internal box.

Because the action was designed with the police, military and civilian market in mind, the decision was made to utilize the cocking piece, shroud, ejector and extractor straight from the Rem M700 system. These are time and battle proven parts. Every shop and armory in the country has these parts and would be able to maintain this new action indefinitely.


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