Aimpoint Aimpoint CEU with high (39 mm) top ring TwistMount and base
Aimpoint Aimpoint CEU with high (39 mm) top ring TwistMount and base


Aimpoint CEU with High (39mm) Top Ring Twist Mount



Unique features


  • Designed to be compatible with all Aimpoint® sights
  • Designed to provide a "true image," NOT a reversed mirror reflection
  • Allows aiming over walls, under cars, around corners without exposing head and torso
  • Does not affect the weapon’s point of impact
  • Can be passed between team members
  • Rugged, affordable device
  • Small and light
  • Easily removed from the weapon if necessary
  • Turns a standard infantry weapon into a scouting tool
  • No need to equip a team member with a specialized weapon
  • Rotates a full 260°
  • Designed to withstand extreme conditions
  • The unit comes equiped with a low (39mm) top ring Twist Mount


Technical Specifications

Optical Specifications

  • Operating principle: Dual mirror reflective device for true target view
  • Optical magnification: 1x
  • Aiming dot size: Uses the reticle of the combining sight
  • Optical signature: No optical signature
  • NVD compatible: No
  • Clear aperture: 25 mm
  • Eye relief: Unlimited


Power Source

  • Battery type: No power required


Physical Specifications

  • Length conf: 90 mm (3 9/16")
  • Width: 115 mm (4 1/2")
  • Height sight only: 40 mm (1 9/16") CEU only, detached from the CEU Rise Ring and TwistMount base
  • Height conf: No standard config, can be mounted with 2 different configs.
  • Weight sight only (incl battery): 130 g (4,6 oz), CEU only
  • Weight conf: With Low Top ring 165 grams (5,8 oz). With High Top ring 185 grams (6,5 oz).
  • Housing material: High strength glass reinforced polymer
  • Housing finish and color: Grey, non-glare finish
  • Material mount and spacer std conf: Used with either the CEU High- or Low Rise Ring
  • Surface treatment: Rubber, black, non-glare finish
  • Height of optical axis - sight and mount: 30 mm (1 3/16") (CEU Low Rise Ring)
  • Height of optical axis - sight, mount and low spacer: 39mm (1 9/16") (CEU High Rise Ring)
  • Adjustment: Rotation around optical axis: ±130°, measured from CEU pointing vertically upwards


Environmental Specifications

  • Temperature range operation: 5°C to 55°C (41°F to 131°F)
  • Temperature range storage: -51°C to 71°C (-60°F to 160°F)
  • Temperature shock: Operable after a temperature shock between -45°C and +71°C. Duration: 4h of Hot +71°C, 4h of Cold -45°C. Cycling: 3 times
  • Humidity: Operates despite humidity. Limits: RH: 95%, Temp: 20ºC to 50 ºC, cyclic
  • Immersion, static: Operates after immersion. Limits: Depth: 25m (83 ft.)
  • Shock: Operable before and after shock. Limits: X-axis: 500 g, 0.7 – 1.1 ms (3 shocks), Y-axis: 40g ±4g, 11 ±1ms (2 shocks in each direction, Z-axis: 40g ±4g, 11 ±1ms, 2 shocks in each direction. Functional during exposure (room temperature)
  • Vibration: Operates despite vibration. Limits: Vibration, sinusoidal in a frequency range of 10-150 Hz. Frequency: 10-30 Hz, ±1.587 mm, Frequency: 30-150 Hz. 5.75 g, 1 octave/min
  • Chemical resistance: Withstands occasional contamination of: Hydraulic oil (FSD 8407, Tryckolja 021), Lubricating oil (FSD 8127, Motorolja 5W/30), Lubricating oil (FSD 8220, Smörjfett 220), Lubricating oil (Break Free), Fuels (FSD 8612, Diesel fuel oil), Solvents/cleaning (FSD

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