KRG KRG Whiskey 3 Fixed
KRG KRG Whiskey 3 FixedKRG KRG Whiskey 3 FixedKRG KRG Whiskey 3 FixedKRG KRG Whiskey 3 FixedKRG KRG Whiskey 3 FixedKRG KRG Whiskey 3 Fixed


KRG Whiskey 3 Fixed



The Whiskey-3 Chassis (W3C) (Generation 5 Chassis) Forend:

  • Polymer, lightened by half a pound.
  • Threaded mounting holes at various positions, total of 15-20.
  • Access hole for action mounting screw, so you can remove the action without removing forend.
  • Side mounting options for rail, flush mount QD sling plate, external QD cup, etc on both sides of forend.


  • V-bedding (Tikka) or Radius (Rem 700) system which is CNC'd into aluminum backbone for consistent contact between action and chassis.
  • Hardened stainless steel recoil lug instead of aluminum ones found on stock T3’s.
  • Rem 700 version can accommodate most large aftermarket recoil lugs like the Badger Ordnance lug without any or with only slight modification.
  • Designed for 5 or 10 round AICS magazines (with or without front spacer plate in T3, with spacer plate only in Rem 700 unless you have a modified action); Rem 700 LA now uses CIP length AICS magazines; Badger M2008 version uses AI AW 10round double stack magazines).
  • Will accept any barrel contour up to 1.25” straight cylinder. We recommend no larger than .9" at muzzle (i.e. Medium/Heavy Palma contour).

Trigger Guard/Mag catch:

  • Similar in shape to TRG trigger guard but made of reinforced polymer instead of Delrin (Tikka T3 chassis uses aluminum triggerguard).
  • Will accept Barnard trigger for T3 as well as factory trigger.
  • Rem 700 version will accept the new x-mark triggers and most aftermarket triggers but some aftermarket triggers may require modifications to the trigger or chassis.
  • Mag catch is our new low profile version which reduces snags while still providing excellent ergonomics and control.

Magazines Used:

  • Remington 700 short action and Tikka T3 use AICS .308 mag in either 5 or 10 rd capacity. Accuracy International part numbers 3901 and 3902 respectively.
  • Remington 700 long action and Badger M2008/13 long action gen 5 uses AICS .338 CIP length magazines, AI part number 4808 (bend in feedlips to use with smaller cartidges like .300 WM).
  • Magazines are not included. We recommend actual Accuracy International magazines or those from Accurate Mag.


  • Infinitely adjustable within range (1” travel).
  • Cheekpiece can be quickly removed and re-installed, uses a clamp and thumbscrew design.
  • Includes a simple feature to make the cheekpiece return to the exact height you set it.
  • Cheekpiece can be moved forward and backward with several mounting positions.
  • Cheekpiece made of polymer to not transmit heat to or away from your face.

Length of Pull:

  • Adjustable in ¼” increments with 2” of adjustment range.
  • LOP range varies slightly between versions but is roughly 12.8” to 15.4”.
  • Uses cam lock and set screw to ensure a solid fit.


  • CNC milled from billet aluminum.
  • Entire buttstock assembly can be used on a TRG if you should desire.


  • Moves vertically to set positions within range.
  • Tool-less adjustable.
  • Buttpad is Remington 700 pattern so user can install aftermarket pre-fit pads.
  • Buttpad can tilt 15 degrees to each side (as if looking directly from the rear down the bore).

Mounting features for slings, monopods, etc:

  • Buttstock has QD sling cup on each side and provisions for other mounting options. Folding stock has one additional QD mount point built in.
  • Buttstock includes bag rider which can be replaced with included picatinny rail.
  • Harris bipod stud included on forend.
  • QD cups can be mounted on any number of positions on sides or bottom of forend.

Optional Accessories:

  • Large selection of accessories from sling mounts to tripod mounts.


  • Most aluminum parts are hard anodized (Type III).
  • All fasteners are stainless steel with black oxide coating.
  • Steel parts are salt bath nitrided or stainless steel.
  • Grip panels are injection molded reinforced polymer.


  • Fixed version is ~ 3.8 lbs w/o magazine.
  • Folding version is ~ 4.1 lbs w/0 magazine.


  • Black only.


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