Pilla Oakley SI Tombstone Spoil Prizm Array, 3 lins set


Oakley SI introduces a revolutionary competitive shooting eyeshield, Tombstone™. We worked with top marksmen to identify the most crucial problems they encountered with conventional eyewear. The response focused on three specific areas: Field of View, Contrast/Clarity, and Lens Interchangeability. Solving these problems was at the forefront of designing all aspects of Tombstone™. Using eye-tracking technology,we identified the key zones in your field of view to allow for 120 degrees of vision. We incorporated PRIZM™ technology to provide contrast enhanced viewing to help lock in your target and decrease eye fatigue/eye strain. Finally, we integrated a single release trigger for rapid lens exchange that is fingerprint free. The end result: Tombstone™, our most advanced shooting eyeshield delivering unprecedented performance for the modern day marksman.

Tombstone Case Included

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