Hazard 4 HardPoint Kit Black
Hazard 4 HardPoint Kit BlackHazard 4 HardPoint Kit BlackHazard 4 HardPoint Kit BlackHazard 4 HardPoint Kit Black


Hazard 4 HardPoint Kit Black



  • screws into the hard shells & soft double grommets on our bags (also on molle webbing!)
  • provides functionality from adding loops, valves, wire passages, and lights, to mounting extra pouches and utility panels.
  • can be used to create bungee/paracord retention zig-zags, clipping off ice axes, or attaching carabiners, etc.
  • won’t scratch inside/outside of the bag; rubbery polymer backers have plugs to cover the screws/nuts!



  • 1x Light Duty loop-1.
  • 1x Stop Gap-1.
  • 2x Nut plug.
  • 2x Screw plug.
  • 2x Screw.
  • 2x Nut.


Additional info:

  • External Size: No.
  • Main Compartment: No.
  • Care Instructions: See product tag.
  • Main: Material No.
  • Design: Long Beach, California - In-House Team.
  • Manufacturing: Imported.
  • Product Weight: No.


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