THLR Bipod bag
THLR Bipod bag


Sometimes it is most convenient to remove the bipod from the rifle. Especially during longer walks and dragging of deer it is somewhat uncomfortable to be slapped in the neck by a heavy bipod when the rifle slips. A simple, padded carry bag was the solution to this. Carry it in your belt, drop it into the backpack or attach it to the outside – the bipod feet will be covered so it doesn’t chafe a hole in expensive textiles. In addition to the main compartment you will find an insert pocket. It was put there with a cleaning kit in mind. A collapsible cleaning rod, oil and patches will fit nicely inside. An oiled patch through the barrel will save some cleaning later. We really prefer collapsible cleaning rods over softer options as we can push out snow or debris should we happen to fall barrel first on the hill.  

Suitable for VersaPod, Atlas, Harris and so on.

Size: 22 cm tall, minimum 10 cm wide.

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