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X-Sight II HD Day / Night sikten

Night Vision sikten av både olika generationer och digitala smart kikarsikten, perfekta för jakt och eftersök i mörka förhållanden. Vare sig du jagar gris eller söker efter ett skadat djur är dessa sikten från ATN bl. de bästa och mest prisvärda alternativen på marknaden idag.

The X-sight II represents the culmination of cutting edge of scope design which has led to the highest resolution, most ergonomic, and smartest scope ever made. While the X-sight II features the world’s first 1080p HD Micro-Display, the X-sight II specialty is its Smart Shooting Solution. The Smart Shooting Solution is a built in ballistic calculator which does all the work of a spotter and more! With the X-Sight II, there’s no more tracking wind, no more calculation, and no more complicated triangulation calculations, the scope does it all for you! All you have to do is aim, and the scope calculates the rest. In addition, this scope features built in Recoil Activated Video (RAV) so even if you forget to record your shot, your scope will remember. In addition, the X-Sight II builds upon its predecessors with an all new Obsidian Core processor so that this scope runs at blazing fast speeds, and helps you make your shot like never before.

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